Why do I need a lawn sprinkler system?

Grooms Irrigation not only designs and installs lawn sprinkler systems, we maintain and repair them.

A well maintained lawn gives a great impression of you, your home or business. A well-maintained lawn gives a subconscious message that your business is as well-maintained as the lawn is.

Why do some lawns look lush and green and other yards look sickly? A big key is the right amount of water. Not enough water will make it shrivel and dry up, but too much water can lead to disease. Our goal is to get the right amount of water to the right areas of your lawn so everything is growing and healthy.

There are several different kinds of lawn sprinklers and Grooms will help you determine which is right for your lawn, your plants and trees. We will also investigate the type of soil your property has.

In 26 years, Grooms has installed thousands of commercial and residential sprinkler systems. Call us today for a free evaluation & quote. (405) 348-2557

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