LED Christmas Lights versus Incandescent Christmas Lights

LED Christmas lights are becoming more popular every year.  But there are several considerations to take into account before making your decision.

Cost to purchase:

LED lights will cost 2 to 3 times as much to purchase as ‘regular’ incandescent lights.

Cost to operate:

Consumer Reports research indicates that “LEDs use 1 to 3 kilowatt hours of energy, compared with 12 to 105 kilowatt hours for conventional lights, saving $1 to $11 per hour”


LED lights will last much longer than incandescent. Part of the reason is that the LEDs have a plastic lamp compared to the glass of the incandescent lights. Also, the LEDs will not burn out as fast – some sources show a 2000-hour life for incandescent lamps and over 17,000 hours for LEDs.

Other considerations:

Temperature: The LED lights are cooler to the touch, which reduces fire risk, and is also important when the lights are touching living plants.

Color: LED colors are actually a bit “richer”. Some people prefer this look while others prefer the traditional look.

Brightness: The C9 and C7 conventional lights are about five or six times brighter than the LEDs, and the mini conventional lights were slightly dimmer than the mini LEDs.


LEDs are costlier to purchase, but are better for the environment in terms of electricity usage; run much cooler; last longer; and cost less to run over their lifespan.  Incandescent lights are much less expensive to purchase, but cost considerably more to run; are hot to the touch; and last a much shorter time.  Both are acceptable options for your Christmas lighting.  The choice is yours.

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