Winter will be over soon!

It’s been a rough winter here in Oklahoma, and landscapes are showing signs of stress.  Plants may look “freezer burned”, and the lack of rain has contributed to potential problems when spring comes.  Contact us and we can look at your existing landscape plants and advise you on measures to take to rescue and improve your yard.

Also, winter is a great time to plan for your spring landscape.  We can get things designed and prepared now, and when warmer weather comes we can get your new landscape installed.  Winter is also a good time to plan for and install low-voltage landscape lighting which extends the season during which you can enjoy your landscape even though you are not out in it as much.  And when spring and summer are here, low-voltage lighting allows you to spend time out in the yard late into the evening.  We are recommending LED lighting, as it is much more energy-efficient and individual bulbs are longer-lasting than traditional incandescent lamps.

Give us a call, we’d love to talk to you.

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