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Mulching Plants, Shrubs and Trees

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

Mulch: Organic mulch is especially important during hot, dry summer months, as well as during the winter. Mulch helps with moderating soil temperatures, protecting plant roots, maintaining soil moisture, deterring weeds, protecting tree trunks from damage by mowers and trimmers, and enhancing the attractiveness of your yard. Over time, mulch around your landscape plants tends to get compacted and will decompose, resulting in the use of more water and weaker plants.

Good mulch can consist of shredded hardwood bark, shredded cypress wood or bark, pine needles, or pine bark nuggets. A layer of mulch that’s one to three inches deep is best. With thicker, the plant roots can begin growing in the mulch layer instead of the soil, making them susceptible to drought and also freezing temperatures.

Check the existing depth of mulch before adding more.  Keep mulch a couple of inches away from the trunks of trees and shrubs, because this can lead to rot. Plastic should not be used as mulch material, because it does not decompose and can hold excess moisture. Do not use a plastic layer under mulch because the plastic will not allow water to penetrate into the soil layer.

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Steve Ancik, Landscape Architect