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Winterization of a Sprinkler System

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

In Oklahoma, our winters have enough cold days that your irrigation system will need to be winterized if your backflow preventer is above ground. Winterization consists of turning off the water at the backflow preventer and draining the water from it. Emptying the main line and lateral lines is not necessary as our winters are not severe enough to freeze the water in the pipes. If your backflow preventer is under ground or has heat tape, it will not need winterization.

Typically, we begin winterizing irrigation systems in early November. If your Grooms sprinkler system is less than one year old, we will automatically come out and winterize your system unless you call and ask that we do not. We will leave a Grooms flag at the backflow preventer to alert you that the system has been winterized.

If you need more information, need to schedule a winterization, or do not wish us to winterize your new system, please call Grooms Irrigation at 348-2557.